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■ Based on the code of the official Akismet plugin. This will get you up and running. ■ This plugin is the source of the Akismet data, so if you want to update the data, you’ll have to do that yourself. Akismet Options Page: ■ Configure the plug-in for your type of blog (e.g. pictures, science, user-generated content, etc.) ■ Note that if you’re a paid Akismet user, you’ll probably have to create another blog to test this out. ■ Enter the API key from your Akismet blog, and the plug-in will generate the necessary code for you. How to Install: ■ On a recent WordPress install, drop the plugin into the life type directory and you’re done. ■ If you have questions, please leave me a comment below or reply to this post on WordPress. Additional Credits: ■ Just for the record, here are the links from Akismet: ■ Akismet (Plugin) ■ Akismet (Read-Only API) ■ Akismet.com (Web Service) ■ Support System Requirements: ■ WordPress 2.6 or later If you’d like to post pictures to your LifeType blog, you’ll want to use Picasa Web Albums. I highly recommend visiting the site here The information that you enter in your head in lifeType will remain there until you change it in the admin area. If you’re not sure whether to set a “top post” on a blog, this plugin will help you with that decision. LifeType Top Post will show the top post on a blog, and suggest changes. If it likes what it sees, then it will set the top post. If it doesn’t like what it sees, then it will suggest corrections. If it doesn’t like the suggestions, then it will show the post in place. Requirements: ■ LifeType ■ WordPress (Version 2.6 or newer) ■ Get this plugin Additional Credits: ■ In the plugin directory you’ll find a large number of sources. From that, I’ve chosen the following: 09e8f5149f

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A WordPress.com API key is required if you wish to use the Akismet WordPress.com verification service. This plugin verifies links and comments for spam using the Akismet service. When it encounters a link that is linked to a website other than your homepage, it will verify the link using Akismet to get a result. The plugin is also used to verify comments that are posted in a post or page of your blog. If it cannot verify a comment, it will contact Akismet to request that it does so. Akismet will send a response back to the plugin and the response will be added to the blog post or page along with other properties, and can be read by the user. Installing/Using the Plugin: Please follow the instructions for the plugin from within the WordPress Admin area and do not make any changes to the default setting(s). NOTE: If you are using JetPack, please log out and use the WordPress.com web admin area. This will allow you to access the site safe from being served another site. How it works: Akismet sends a request to the Akismet “spam” URL. If the result indicates that the comment is not spam, then it will add the meta data to the text of the comment and update the comment status. If Akismet identifies that the link is an email address, it will use the WordPress.com API to verify the link. These are the supported base URLs of the Akismet service: URL Query String & Parameters Request yes1 yes2 yes3 yes4 yes5

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■ Akismet is a service that automatically protects blogs from spam comments and trackbacks. It works by flagging comments as “spam” if they have a low-quality rating and are not marked as “ham” (meaning they are not a comment from the blog owner). Visit to get your API key. Full description It will contact Akismet with the content of the comment. Notification Status Privacy This plugin is powered by Akismet and use the Akismet API. Your data will be sent to Akismet Inc., and processed in accordance with Akismet’s Privacy Policy located at If you provide Akismet with one of the options below, it will store your comment for 90 days. SELECTED Notification 1 day 120 mins Please select which of the following options you would like to receive when an Akismet comment is sent to your blog: 1: I would like to be notified when new Akismet comments are sent to this post. 2: I would like to be notified when new Akismet comments are sent to this post. 3: I would like to be notified when new Akismet comments are sent to this post. 4: I would like to be notified when new Akismet comments are sent to this post. Your response has been received. Your comment has been received. Thank you, your response has been sent! Error Please try again. Useful Reads This will be used in Akismet and WordPress to see if the comment is spam or not. Note: If you do not want to use Akismet’s API, you can skip the Akismet check, and click on “Show the next comment.” To install this plugin, please follow the instructions in the Readme.txt file, in the same directory as this plugin. Lately, and with a suspicion on the automating of writing spam, I wanted to test this plugin on my own site to see if it would find anything new. Now, here’s what you have to do: 1. Go to

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OS: Windows 10 (64-bit only), Windows 7 (64-bit only), Windows 8 (64-bit only), Windows 8.1 (64-bit only) Processor: Intel Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7 RAM: 4 GB Hard Disk: 20 GB available space Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 560 with 1 GB VRAM DirectX: Version 11 CONFIGURATION OPTIONS: 10 Agent – 10 Agent for Windows 10, up to 8 Agent for Windows 7


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