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Taxa: Clavariadelphus
Search Criteria: California; Santa Cruz; excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Eastern Illinois University

ILLS00102104Myc Soc San Francisco   30571986-01-19
USA, California, Santa Cruz, Hwy 236, about 4 miles north of Boulder Creek, 37.168145 -122.164176

ILLS00102108H. Saylor   1601977-12-31
USA, California, Santa Cruz, Tambon Creek Rd., 37.0667 -122.05

ILLS00102099Stephanie Saylor   30561986-01-19
USA, California, Santa Cruz, Skyline To The Sea Trail off Hwy 9 ca 1.9 mi. W of intersection with Hwy. 35, 37.175518 -122.234455

Field Museum of Natural History

Clavariadelphus occidentalis Methven Methven
C0294125F   NAMA 2012-1452012-12-14
U.S.A., California, Santa Cruz, The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, 37.028727 -121.90188

Mushroom Observer

MUOB 30649Shane Marsh   MUOB 306492009-12-20
United States, California, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Mountains, 37.1242 -121.9805, 0 - 1000m

MUOB 32009Shane Marsh   MUOB 320092010-01-14
United States, California, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Mountains, 37.1242 -121.9805, 0 - 1000m

MUOB 196107Alan Rockefeller   MUOB 1961072015-01-11
United States, California, Santa Cruz, Big Basin Redwoods State Park, 37.1692 -122.1677, 290 - 290m

University of California Berkeley, University Herbarium

UC272563H. D. Thiers   97091962-12-12
USA, California, Santa Cruz, Boulder Creek., 37.126562 -122.122403

Page 1, records 1-8 of 8

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