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Taxa: Hygrocybe reai
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Fungal Collection at the Senckenberg Museum für Naturkunde Görlitz

Hygrocybe reai (Maire) J.E. Lange
GLM-F007424 / 53652 / 37709Dunger, I.   1980-10-05
Reinstädt b. Kahla N, Schönberg, Fuß, Wiesenrand

Hygrocybe reai (Maire) J.E. Lange
GLM-F045781 / 115531 / 74144Westphal, B.   2000-11-25
Groß Medewege, Hangwiese zum Ziegelsee, Magerrasen

Hygrocybe reai (Maire) J.E. Lange
GLM-F022091 / 77635 / 51664W√§hner, H.   1984-06-23
Dresden-Pillnitz, Schloßpark

Hygrocybe reai (Maire) J.E. Lange
GLM-F051194 / 125637 / 79424Schwik, J.   1993-10-13
Schlagbrügge S, Lankower See, S-exponierter Hang zum See mit Magerrasen

Fungal Collections at the Botanische Staatssammlung München

Hygrocybe reai (Maire) J.E.Lange
M-0151577 / 239021 / 181440Enderle, M.   1984-10-07
Germany, Bayern, Nersingen, Bayern, Unterfahlheim, MTB 7527, im Garten von Hans Enderle, 48.428612 10.162222

Mushroom Observer

Hygrocybe reai (Maire) J.E. Lange
MUOB 190074Noah Siegel   MUOB 1900742014-11-23
United States, California, Humboldt, 40.7357 -123.897, 0 - 2120m

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Hygrocybe reai (Maire) J.E. Lange
L 0921493Tweel MJ van   Tweel, MJ van 1996- 1271996-10-23
Netherlands, Limburg, Hoefijzer

Oregon State University Herbarium

Hygrocybe reai (Maire) J.E. Lange
109091B. Fondrick   ODELL69731999-09-17
United States, Washington, Okanogan, Head of Middle Hidden Lake, Okanogan National Forest, Pasayten Wilderness, 48.91 -120.48

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Hygrocybe reai (Maire) J.E. Lange
E00905309Watling, Roy (Prof.)   183541985-08-12
Hordaland, Finse, 1250m

Hygrocybe reai (Maire) J.E. Lange
E00101474Roy Watling   WAT 501C1960-10-09
Scotland, (VC 83) Midlothian, [Pentland Hills], Bavelaw nr Balerno

San Francisco State University, Harry D. Thiers Herbarium

Hygrocybe reai (Maire) J.E. Lange
SFSU-F-016116D. E. Desjardin   66971997-11-22
USA, California, Mendocino, Jackson State Forest, Mendocino Woodlands Road., 39.324333 -123.721949

Universidad de Guadalajara

Hygrocybe reai (Maire) J.E. Lange
9764M. L. Fierros   9331995-08-24
Mexico, Jalisco, km 6 de la brecha a la estación de Microondas, Volcán de Tequila, 20.8347222222 -102.1511111111, 1660m

University of British Columbia Herbarium

Hygrocybe reai (Maire) Lange
F15498Oluna Ceska, Adolf Ceska   PK22921997-11-15
Canada, British Columbia, Craigflower Trail, Thetis Park Vancouver Island, 48.5 -123.4

University of Gothenburg

Hygrocybe reai (Maire) J.E. Lange
GB-0076400Jacobsson, Stig & Stridvall, Leif   780661978-08-08
Sweden, Västergötland, Munkängen

University of Illinois, Illinois Natural History Survey Fungarium

Hygrocybe reai (Maire) J.E. Lange
J.L. Crane & J.D. Schoknecht   s.n.1986-08-05
Canada, New Brunswick, Kent, Kouchibouguac National Park, 46.795823 -65.055778

Page 1, records 1-15 of 15

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