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Taxa: Leprocaulon arbuscula (Stereocaulon arbuscula)
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Harvard University, Farlow Herbarium

Leprocaulon arbuscula (Nylander) Nylander
barcode-00430634I. Yoshimura & R. T. Jones   678091967-00-00
United States of America, Tennessee, Sevier County, [data not captured]

Meise Botanic Garden Herbarium

Leprocaulon arbuscula (Nyl.) Nyl.
BR5030067056561J. Krikken   S.N.1972-07-00
Indonesia, Mt. Bandahara

Leprocaulon arbuscula (Nyl.) Nyl.
BR5030018002579Ertz D.   47692003-06-29
Reunion, entre Le Brûlé (S de St-Denis) et la Plaine des Chicots, le long du sentier de la Roche Ecrite, -20.966667 55.433333

Oregon State University Herbarium

32785Willian Weber   1968-06-23
Papua New Guinea, Eastern Highlands: Daulo Pass,between Goroka and Chuave,track from sumit village to high point of north ridge., 2492m

Swedish Museum of Natural History

L42732Ernst Almquist   1879-09-02
Japan, Fusijama, Murajama

L42737Göran Thor   48621985-11-07
Australia, Queensland, Queensland: Blackall Range, c. 10 km. W of Nambour, just N of Mapleton, Mapleton falls. In a rainforest. Alt. c. 400 m. 26°37'S, 152°51'E

L42736Göran Thor   50501985-11-12
Australia, Queensland, Queensland, Eungella National Park c. 70 km. W of Mackay. At Peases Lookout c. 5 km. NE of Eungella. Tropical rainforest. 21°07'S, 148°20'E

L42733Hjalmar Möller   1897-04-26
Indonesia, Jawa, Jawa Barat (West), Java: Pangerango, alt. c. 3000 m.

L42731Ernst Almquist   1879-09-02
Japan, Mourayama

L42735Göran Thor   50181985-11-11
Australia, Queensland, Queensland, Eungella National Park c. 70 km. W of Mackay. Close to Broken river 1-2 km. ESE of Broken River camping area. 21°10'S, 148°20'E

L42734W. A. Weber & D. McVean   1968-06-23
Papua New Guinea, Papua New Guinea. Eastern Highlands: Daulo Pass, between Goroka and Chuave, alt. 8175 ft, track from summit village to high point of north ridge through Nothofagus - Pandanus forest on steep slope

University of Tartu Natural History Museum

TUF077999John Alan Elix   1977-01-09
Tasmania. Cradle Valley road, ca 6 km from Waldheim Chalet

Page 1, records 1-12 of 12

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