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Taxa: Auricularia mesenterica (Auricularia corrugata, Auricularia lobata, Auricularia tremelloides, Dacrymyces violacea, Gyraria violacea, Helvella mesenterica, Merulioporia violacea, Meruliopsis violacea, Merulius mesentericus, Patila mesenterica, Phlebia mesenterica, Stereum mesentericum, Auricularia tremelloides var. tremelloides, Exidia gemmata f. violacea, Thelephora mesenterica, Thelephora tremelloides, Tremella violacea, Tremella corrugata), Auricularia mesenterica var. mesenterica, Auricularia mesenterica var. pusio
Search Criteria: Peru; includes cultivated/captive occurrences

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Field Museum of Natural History

Auricularia mesenterica var. lobata (Dicks.) Fr. (Dicks.) Fr.
C0229422FG. S. Bryan   670
Peru, Pozuzo, Hacienda Ballisteros

Louisiana State University, Bernard Lowy Mycological Herbarium

LSU00173254H. L. D.   1291959-08-00
Peru, Cusco, Alto Urubamba., -13.305696 -72.116109, 700m

LSU00173255Kent P. Dumont; Carpenter; Sherwood; Buritica; Guzman; Reynolds   1091976-06-27
Peru, Junín, 2-3 Km above Kiviniki, 2-3 Km above Kiviniki, on the La Mercedâ?"Satipo Rd., 457m

LSU00173256H. L. D.   1231959-08-00
Peru, Cusco, Alto Urubamba., -13.305696 -72.116109

LSU00173258Kent P. Dumont; S. E. Carpenter; M. A. Sherwood; P. Buritica   5871976-07-03
Peru, Huánuco, Vicinity Km Post 5 from Tingo María, on the Tingo María-Monzón Rd., -9.323779 -76.026146, 853m

LSU00173266Gaston Guzman   240181976-06-27
Peru, Kinikavki a Satipo, zona este del Peru., 600m

LSU00173269Bernard Lowy   s.n.1972-07-19
Peru, Madre de Dios, Road to Iberia, Puerto Maldonado., -12.611361 -69.206229

LSU00173284H. L. D.   1771959-08-00
Peru, Cusco, Alto Urubamba., -13.305696 -72.116109, 700m

Mushroom Observer

Auricularia mesenterica group Wu et al.
MUOB 191648Susanne Sourell   MUOB 1916482014-11-01
Peru, Madre de Dios, Manu Biosphere Reserve, Pantiacolla Lodge, -12.6559 -71.2318

USDA United States National Fungus Collections

BPI 718535Cook O. F.   1915-07-01
Peru, Santa Ana, -14.123543 -69.855281

BPI 718797Scherer   1937-10-20
Peru, Pevas, -3.320146 -71.860947

Page 1, records 1-11 of 11

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