News and Events
  • Microfungi Collections Consortium (MiCC) website now live
  • fdex: a simplified names database, primarily for projecting taxonomic hierarchy for fungal taxa.
  • NSF Press Release (#15-092) - NSF awards fifth round of grants to enhance America's biodiversity collections
  • NSF Press Release (#12-082) - US National Science Foundation awards support for The Macrofungi Collection Consortium, a collaboration of 35 institutions in 24 states for the purpose of databasing some 1.4 million dried scientific specimens of macrofungi (NSF ADBC 1206197).
  • December 2013 - 1,546,358 occurrence records supplied by 31 different data providers have been integrated into MyCoPortal.
  • NEW - MaCC records are now part of the Zooniverse project Notes from Nature. Please help us by transcribing specimen labels (link).
  • Image provided by New York Botanical Garden.

Welcome to the Mycology Collections data Portal

      The Mycology Collections data Portal (MyCoPortal) is more than just a web site - it is a suite of user-friendly, web-based data access technologies to aid taxonomists, field biologists, ecologists, educators, and citizen scientists in the study of fungal diversity. The data are derived from a network of universities, botanical gardens, museums, and agencies that provide taxonomic, environmental, and specimen-based information. Using the Symbiota ( system of virtual online floras, these data are directly accessible to dynamically generate geo-referenced species checklists, distribution maps, and interactive identification keys, all linked with a rich collection of digital imagery documenting fungal diversity of North America.

  Please join the Mycology Collections Portal as collaborators or regular visitors, and send your feedback to