We would like to acknowledge the following individuals and institutions for their contributions to the Mycology Collections data Portal (MyCoPortal):

The US National Science Foundation (NSF), which awarded support for a collaborative effort of US herbaria (the Macrofungi Collection Consortium - MaCC) to database ca. 1.4 million macrofungi specimens from North America (NSF ADBC 1206197). The data from MaCC will be made accessible through MyCoPortal.

Ed Gilbert, developer of Symbiota Virtual Flora Software that gives MyCoPortal its functionality. Financial support for software development has also come the NSF (ABI 0743827).

Paul Kirk, assisted in the creation of the MyCoPortal taxonomic structure (the "taxonomic thesaurus") by providing resources from Index Fungorum.

The Integrated Digitized Biocollections Hub (iDigBio), which provides resources for the Advancing Digitization of Biological Collections (ADBC) project funded by the National Science Foundation.

Numerous herbaria, whose tremendous efforts through the Macrofungi Collection Consortium are reflected in the data that is accessible through MyCoPortal (click here for a list of participating institutions).

Citizen mycologists and mycological societies, who have contributed data and photographs of field specimens, and whose names appear in credits for the numerous checklists and images available on MyCoPortal.