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Take any photo on your computer and turn it into a decorative wall plaque. This program allows you to add any wallpaper image or a collection of photographs from your hard disk to a custom designed frame. The application comes with five convenient and intuitive designs to choose from, while the number of available frames and frame options is limited only by your imagination. As a support of the included frame layouts you can either choose between a set of predefined, ready-made frames or use your own as a template. The frames can be selected in a desired layout and position, while the program allows you to drag and drop pictures or to resize them to your desire. The included frames can be changed for instance by switching the background, altering the size or adding text or a picture. After you have selected the desired frame settings, you can easily create a personal frame by selecting the Wallpapa Brush and painting the frame on your wallpaper. You can assign a different size and color to the frame and the brushed border, furthermore you can play a small animation to make the picture pop. The Wallpapa Brush also allows you to paint on top of your framed pictures, or images, letting you to create a special effect which adds a different dimension to the frame. The program has a very simple interface that enables you to select all the settings and create a new personalized frame, which you can save to your hard disk and use as a template for more frames. Advanced Users: Wallpaper Factory 1.0 is an advanced wallpaper utility for creating beautiful and attractive pictures that can be used on your desktop wallpaper. It is designed to allow you to create customized wallpapers from your favorite digital photos and applications. The program is divided into three sections. In the first one you can pick any of the included wallpapers for your computer and you can customize them. For example you can change their size, position, layer, color and move them around on the desktop. You can also edit any of the included frames. The second section of the program contains a slideshow of the pictures you have selected and a preview of the result. The slideshow can be easily turned on and off. The last section of the program contains a full featured application editor. It allows you to add extra effects like frame color, layer and text and also to change any of the frames. HotKeyz is a versatile software that allows you to configure your keyboard shortcuts for various tasks. The application is available for free download and it comes with a simple interface that makes it easy to use and navigate through the main window. The free version of the software comes with a limited number of predefined hotkeys and categories. If you wish to use more than that you must upgrade to the premium version which will cost you $9.99, but even in that case you can still use only a limited number of categories and a maximum of 8 categories. Name Wallpaper Factory 1.0 File

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Included is the download version of the application. About This App: This is the official application for Aurin's Ark. Aurin's Ark is a free and award winning online community which allows players to play with other Ark players all over the world. The purpose of this application is to provide this Ark community with as many functions and features as possible. You need a browser to use Aurin's Ark. You can download this app in one of the browsers below: Facebook Google


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