Morfik combines elements of all IT specialization areas into the development of web applications in order to make the whole process more productive. Morfik introduces a whole new way of creating web applications through the use of high-level, object-oriented languages and visual design tools. It sports a sleek and intuitive graphical interface with many nice tools at hand. Clean and intuitive GUI The application doesn't take long to install and it doesn't come with a complicated setup that you would need to complete before you can actually use it. It sports a clean and intuitive graphical interface with many nice tools at hand. Morfik is a development environment for building Ajax-based Rich Internet Applications (RIA). It introduces a whole new way of creating web applications through the use of high-level, object-oriented languages and visual design tools. Explore various sections With this new tool set, developers can code their applications using time-tested software development practices. They can leverage their experience while benefiting from a modern visual designer. This makes the creation of stunning, interactive web interfaces a breeze. When using Morfik 3.x, developers can become productive very quickly as they are able to make use of their existing skills and knowledge. Morfik language has no syntax of its own, just semantic meaning. Developers code using syntaxes from familiar high-level languages such as C#, Pascal and Basic, and Morfik implements a compiler that maps these to the underlying Morfik language. More features and tools The HTML/XML/CSS/JavaScript code combination that the Morfik compiler generates for running in the browser is entirely standards-based and compliant, communicating with the Morfik-generated server components through standard HTTP requests and web service standards. Because of this, the browser portion of a Morfik application (XApp) can call out to any standards-based server platform and the Morfik-built server components can be called from any standards-compliant client application. All in all, Morfik is one of the best development environments for building Ajax-based Rich Internet Applications (RIA).







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A cross-platform, object-oriented, and visual programming tool that combines elements of all IT specialization areas into the development of web applications. Developed in the company Reseau, Morfik was originally a product for the visual design and modeling of components. It gained popularity amongst the web development community with its Java-based solution. Using this language, designers and developers can create online content. Moreover, the application is extremely customizable and has an easy to learn interface. What's New in Version Built-in environment-specific package. The installation package has been replaced by two environment-specific package: Apache Tomcat for the servers and Microsoft Windows for the clients. These packages are now included in the installer with their own installation wizard, ready to be deployed. The Install process has been optimized to make it faster, but the removal process has been modified to show a better graphical interface. Added the list of variable names to the list of available variables, the list of all defined variables in the current document. This allows the user to perform data processing on the variable. What's New in Version The core support of the new development environment now includes various changes and new features, including: Improved integration with third-party applications and component versions. The Morfik development environment now works with the latest Oracle JRE. Various new tools and features have been added to the Morfik editor (such as a graphical library explorer and the ability to create new graphical components). The Explorer component now includes a new GUI for creating new components. The project management component (and some other components) now include features for handling version control and version migration. New components added to the core support include the Azure component. A component has been added for communicating with the FlexShare application. Support for the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 environment has been added. Various new features have been added to the visualization support, including: The interface has been updated to allow the use of the new "Drag and Drop" technique. The interface has been updated to allow the use of the new "Move" and "Link" techniques. Various new features have been added to the HTML support, including: The functionality of the HTML support has been improved and the possible graphical elements are now more consistent with the visual editor. The HTML

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- Mouse and keyboard functionalities; - Transparent control design; - Data messages are received and dispatched automatically; - It uses high-level, object-oriented languages such as C#, Pascal and Basic; - Supports MS SQL, Access, Oracle, and mySQL; - Nested forms, input forms, dynamic content and many other features; - Configurable visual design; - Clean and intuitive GUI; - Testing tools; - Built-in FTP, SMTP, IMAP and HTTP; - Support for high-level, object-oriented programming; - Completely standards-based browser code generator; - Cross-platform support; - Scriptability; - Interactive development environment; - Fully-featured data viewer; - Data integration; - Fully-featured server development; - Built-in SQL support; - Realtime transactions; - Direct communication with the backend database; - Flash animation and graphics; - Hundreds of integrated modules; - Over 30 languages; - Thousands of useful components; - Built-in functions and user events; - Several property pages and wizards; - Full OSD (On Screen Display) with pre-selected and pre-configured views; - Full offline installation; - Every version is updated within 24 hours of the first release; - Large-scale development and professional support; - It is the only software that can make you a professional web designer; - It can create all types of web applications; - Portability and reliability. Installation and download: Visit for latest download page. Features: - Morfik 2.3 supports VS2008. - Morfik 2.2 supports VS2003 and VS2005. - Morfik 2.0 supports VS2005 and VS2003. - Morfik 1.6 supports VS2002. - Morfik 1.4 supports VS2003 and VS2005. - Morfik 1.2 supports VS2003 and VS2005. - Morfik 1.0 supports VS2003 and VS2005. Morfik is a complete, portable development environment for creating Ajax-based rich internet applications. The development of such applications has never been easier with this unique, object-oriented tool set. This new tool set will make web application development faster, cheaper 77a5ca646e

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Managed code development tool for building web applications in a unified environment. Manages HTML/XML/CSS/JavaScript code compilation. Javascript Object Model Description: Extends Javascript by allowing object like functionality which can perform many different functions in an object. These can be called or manipulated as if they are variables. System Overview: Replace the language that web pages are written in by an object-oriented language called Morfik. It creates a platform to develop web applications in an intuitive manner. This includes the ability to create rich user experiences without writing any code. What's New in Morfik: Code generation using Visual Studio Built-in documentation Out of the Box Environment Full Source Code Click here to see the in depth reviews from other users:Q: Is it possible to automatically send a push notification when my iOS app enters into background mode? I've searched all over the internet for this. Is it possible to automatically send a push notification when my iOS app enters into background mode? I found this question but it's for the Apple Watch. I'm trying to send a notification to the iPhone. A: As Apple said in their documentations ( When your app enters the background, your app is no longer active and it is not running in the foreground. The device continues to process its own data and save your data, including network traffic and battery use. Your app doesn't enter into background mode or into foreground. Your app goes to the background when it is no longer active (as you have noticed). Your app is deactivated and no longer in active state, and the device can perform any operations without your app (in the first 5 minutes) and can save the data used by your app in background and in the network. Does this mean Apple won't wake up my app automatically when the device comes back to the foreground? Yes, it means exactly what it says. It means that the app doesn't automatically start its process when the device comes back to the foreground. Does the device wake

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Reviews: Comment: The.NET world has been missing an excellent RIA development environment, and Morfik fills that void. @Alexandra - Try using an older version of Morfik, like 2.2.5 or 2.2.0, they were working just fine for us. I'm also using Morfik 2.2.5 and it worked without any problem for me. I've just updated Morfik and restarted my machine. And I'm now getting the following error: From the IE page, it appears to be trying to find the server tool that I have, but it can't find it, not even when I manually specify the server tool: I just tried starting it using the command line and it worked just fine. I thought it might be a configuration setting that I was missing, but I cannot see any reference to Morfik on any of the webpages that say to configure it. I'm using.NET 2.0, but the server code is in ASP.NET 1.0 and I'd prefer to use.NET 3.5 if possible. This problem is happening in the IE 7 browser, not in any other browser. The only thing that I see is that I'm using the 32 bit version of the server components (the demo site just showed the 64-bit option). I also don't have any active hyperlinks on the left menu, so I don't think I have any add-ins installed. I've opened up the firewall and it looks like all my ports are open. It is a standalone product. I downloaded the product and installed it on a computer. I just tried creating a new project using the.NET 3.5 DLL and it created a new project and it is generating a new.html file, but it is still not working. I'm using IE 7, version 7.0.5730.13 on Windows 7. If you'd like, I can take a screenshot of what I'm seeing. The link to the download is the following: I would really like to get this working, so any help would be appreciated. A little back ground on the problem. We are developing a new web site, we used Morfik 2.0 to develop the original site and worked well but we have had to update the server code to use.Net 2.0 so we are now using.Net 2.0 instead of.Net 3.5 which is what it was generating. To make a long story short we have managed to get the.Net 2.0 server side.Net 3.5 code to work. The problem now is that the browser keeps

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Install Windows Vista/7 or Windows XP CPU: 1.6GHz dual core RAM: 2GB Storage: 10GB GPU: 1GB dedicated Controller: GamePad recommended Other: English language. Music tracks: 4 How to play: Use WFZZ.net If you find any bugs, please let us know, we'll try to fix it as soon as possible. [you need to register to download] Steam:


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