Users who write reports all day long are aware of how much time they waste typing the same phrases over and over again. To avoid this situation, they can rely on dedicated applications such as Auto-Keyboard, which can help them automatically expand some letter to full phrases. The software utility installs with no issues and users can experiment with some sample scripts to get accustomed to the app’s functionality. The documentation and Help file might not provide enough details and instructions, so the trial and error method is the most efficient one. Due to the tool’s flexibility and customizable features, even advanced users might need to take some time to learn its basic commands - spending some time with the app in the beginning is what will help them save time later, when working on their projects. Basically, Auto-Keyboard enables users to create a list with the phrases they use on a regular basis, then enter some letters that would represent each of them. Once the corresponding script has been created, one simply needs to enter the proper letters, press a predefined hotkey and a full sentence is generated. The resulting text can be pasted once or several times, depending on users’ choices. Alternatively, one can automate mouse actions so as to play games or simply to perform repetitive actions faster than before. To sum it up, Auto-Keyboard can prove to be a handy application for all those who want to save time while typing reports or emails where recurrent expressions are needed. Its functions will truly be appreciated only after users get accustomed to the app, as the neatly organized interface might not be enough for thorough evaluation during the trial period.







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This software tool helps you to easily insert a phrase of words from an extensive list whenever you type a word. The program automatically expands your typed text into a complete phrase automatically. You can save your expansion list to a file or can save it directly to the clipboard so you can quickly paste them into other programs. You can also create hotkeys to quickly expand any word to a phrase. You can choose to have a mouse prompt or a script expand your words. You can expand your words one at a time or expand a set of words with a single hotkey click. You can change the way the hotkey responds to the same key with variable speed as well as choosing to expand a word to a whole phrase, or to a single character. You can even customize the hotkey to say "phrases" instead of "words" as that is the word the hotkey is expanding to in most of the phrase expansions. Features: 1. Automatically expand a single word to a phrase or a list of phrases. 2. Create a list of common expressions for a word or multiple words. 3. Create custom hotkeys to quickly expand a word to a phrase or list of phrases. 4. Create a mouse-specific hotkey for expanded phrases. 5. Create a script-specific hotkey for expanded phrases. 6. Option to create variable-speed mouse-specific hotkey. 7. Choose to replace the original word or phrase that is expanded with a replacement phrase. 8. Option to choose from a list of replacement phrases for the original word or phrase. 9. Keep a current expansion list, and when pressing the hotkey, the expansion list is automatically appended to your current list. 10. Customizable hotkey functions. 11. Works with Microsoft Word, Windows Explorer, Notepad, etc. 12. Available in both 64 bit and 32 bit versions. 13. Language based on your system (English by default). 14. Free updates. Thousand of people have tested this software and they are giving great feedback. Please rate this software if you like it and support us! Top Review Software's good, but a little hard to get used to This software tool helps you to easily insert a phrase of words from an extensive list whenever you type a word. The program automatically expands your typed text into a complete phrase automatically. You can save your expansion list to a file or can save it directly to the

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KeyMacro is a freeware that allows you to create your own keyboard shortcuts and combinations. Instead of copy/pasting your texts, you can just press the hotkey, instantly! You can create up to 10 hotkeys to use in any application. KeyMacro has a great UI, a full settings dialog, supports the ability to be added to the system tray (when available) and includes a great tutorial. But it also has a free trial and limitations. During the trial, you can use 30 hotkeys and define 10 hotkeys (that’s 20 hotkeys in total). You can also have a maximum of 20 hotkeys assigned to you and 10 hotkeys defined. So you can’t save hotkeys after the trial. As for the limitations, you can’t add hotkeys from other programs. KeyMacro is easy to use: simply choose the hotkey you’d like to use and edit the text that goes with it. The text will be auto-inserted at the right time, so you don’t have to worry about that. If you want to, you can even choose to create multiple hotkeys so that you can select one of them at the desired time. KeyMacro isn’t compatible with Microsoft Office 2000/XP, so for that reason, it is not possible to create hotkeys with that software. You can, however, use this software with Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2012. Troubleshooting: There is a discussion about the hotkeys feature in the forum: Tillersoft ActiveWindow Shield Description: Tillersoft ActiveWindow Shield is an ActiveX control that will hide the bottom panel of your web browser and show only the text in the address bar of your web browser and keep it always visible. The idea behind this product is very simple. 1. Every web browser has an option to add your favorite address bar address (URL), toolbar, etc. to its bottom. 2. You should never leave the browser visible, because your visitors may get easily upset about that. 3. So, the problem is that our active windows (usually to display a web browser) will need to be visible 1d6a3396d6

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In Search of a Free Public and Safe Storage EasyTether is a software application that provides free public and safe network storage, so that all users can share their data, stream movies or store photos on the local network. All users need to do is to choose a service from the list of pre-configured options, and then click Connect. The client connects to the chosen provider, and then starts to access all services in a public space. EasyTether encrypts all the data transfer so that even intruders won’t be able to use stolen data. In case of non-compliance with the license, EasyTether can be deactivated, so all clients automatically lose their access to the services they have chosen and can’t use the shared storage anymore. To continue using the software, all users need to create a personal account with a valid email address. EasyTether, which is based on a browser-based technology, can be used on all computers and mobile devices with the latest web browsers and Flash support. The software supports all major operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux, and macOS. EasyTether is an excellent option for people looking for a free online cloud storage solution, so all users can share their personal data, stream movies and store photos. The application features a nice and intuitive interface, so no advanced knowledge of the underlying technology is required. Description: Easy Tether Emby is a content streaming app that is compatible with all popular devices such as TV sets, Apple TV, Xbox, Roku and Smart TVs. Emby brings users all the Netflix features, as well as the premium content offered by the popular premium TV service. Other features include the support for all types of content including 3D movies, HD TV shows and live TV streams, as well as access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and more. Users can easily search, discover and play premium content, including personal favorites, based on the types of content, channels, genres and release date. With Emby’s powerful search function, users can search by content ID, episode number, release date, title or any other metadata. The app comes with a collection of popular online content, as well as local channels, apps, videos and music, so all users can easily find the content they are looking for. Emby offers great selection of content, as well as an easy-to-use search interface, so anyone can

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This program is an Auto-Keyboard replacement. It is essentially a software utility that is very easy to use and comes with a lot of options. Auto-Keyboard is compatible with Windows 10/8/7, MacOS 10/9/8/7, Linux (Ubuntu), and other platforms that support Python. The trial version is free of charge, while the pro version is $10. Software Name:Auto-Keyboard Software Type:Automation, Word Automation Software System:Windows, MacOS, Linux Author:Keyboard Automation Team Status:Published Support:Free support License:Free The main advantages of this solution: i) A lot of templates are available to be used in your own text, so it can be perfectly personalized for your needs. ii) No additional software installations are needed. It will be installed on the system, and only a shortcut is added to the desktop. iii) Very easy to use. iv) Very fast to work on your document. You can create a lot of text at once. v) No need to purchase any subscription. It works for every version of Windows (Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10). vi) Configurable. vii) The size of the program is really small (25 MB). viii) Free! And now, let’s see what are the drawbacks: ix) If the program encounters an error, it can be difficult to locate where the problem occurs and to remove it. x) It is a free solution, so there is no way to report a bug or suggestion to the developers. xi) When the user wants to share a document, the clipboard changes. This is annoying for the recipient. xii) It is not a dynamic solution, so it can be difficult to enter new words. xiii) Sometimes it is a little difficult to change some elements (e.g., the font color). xiv) It does not read from the clipboard, so the copy/paste feature is not used when you need it. xv) The program requires a permanent installation on the system. If the user removes it, no further functionality is available. Conclusion: This tool is good for creating documents in which the user needs to type frequent words. It is not perfect, but it does not have the important drawbacks that might influence its users. Description: Scripture Ring is a software for Windows, MacOS and Linux. It has been designed to help you to read and memorize the Bible in a fast and simple way. You can easily import any text from the clipboard and insert it in different ways. After the study, you can use the glossary to memorize the words you have read. Features: The application is a simple tool that can

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OS: 64bit Windows 7/Vista/XP CPU: Intel Dual Core 2.13 GHz RAM: 2 GB RAM Dedicated Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT or ATI X1200 DirectX: 9.0c HDD: 60 GB available space Game Overview: Join The Killers in their first new adventure in over 10 years as they try to take control of the mysterious island of Almeria and turn it into their own personal playground. With a new crew and plenty of new weapons


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