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Another CPU Meter is a free widget that provides a very intuitive and easy-to-use solution to show CPU load of your PC. Another CPU Meter is a very simple widget that displays the load of your PC CPU. Ideal for tucking away in a corner. Another CPU Meter supports Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X. If it's not there, we can make it for you. Another CPU Meter can save 15MB disk space! Another CPU Meter is a very simple widget that displays the load of your PC CPU. Requirements: ■ Yahoo Widget Engine Another CPU Meter: The following things are included in Another CPU Meter: * Another CPU Meter_core.xpi : This is the core.xpi file of the widget. It defines and includes other files, such as Java, XUL, and HTML. * Another CPU Meter_skin.xpi : This is the skin.xpi file of the widget. It defines and includes other files, such as Java, XUL, and HTML. How To Install Another CPU Meter widget: 1. Copy and paste Another CPU Meter_core.xpi to your Firefox Profile Folder 2. Copy and paste Another CPU Meter_skin.xpi to your Firefox Appearance Folder * Just click on the xpi file, add to your Firefox download toolbar and proceed to install. How To Install Another CPU Meter: 1. Click on the add to Firefox toolbar. 2. Proceed to install the widget. If you are using another browser, you can copy the.xpi files from the Firefox Profile Folder, then drag the new.xpi file to the browser's installer, from where you can proceed to install. More info: Other CPU Meter: ** Q&A ** Q: I added an icon and it's not working A: Try to add the html code to the widget Adding the html code to the widget will only show an icon. If you add a button, then the button will work. More info: "How do I add widget buttons to a widget? " "How do I add a keyboard shortcut to a widget? " "How do I clear the data of the widget?" We can't answer this question because there is no widget who can clear a widget's data. How To Use Another CPU Meter For:

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Another CPU Meter is a free and very simple CPU meter that would suit any sort of desktop layout. Ideal for tucking away in a corner. Another CPU Meter widget displays, right on your desktop the load of your PC CPU. Another CPU Meter Features: ■ simple design, but not too simple ■ supports for all themes and style skins ■ low resource consumption ■ for all version of Windows, Win XP, Win 7, and Win 8 Visit our website at: ... Another CPU Meter Screenshot Screenshots of Another CPU Meter Another CPU Meter Widget Screenshots of Another CPU Meter Widget Another CPU Meter & more widgets Screenshots of Another CPU Meter & more widgets Wire Free Smart Meter is a great tool for network monitoring. You can check the download and upload speed, receive and send packet, monitor network interface if your connections are disconnected or dropped. Low speed - GPS satellite signal, often blocked by building walls, underground tunnels, or under an overcast sky. High speed - The main transmission path for global positioning satellite (GPS) satellites to deliver position and velocity data to users. A receiver can be anywhere. GPS, however, isn’t a one-way street. It’s an all-ways street

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A CPU load meter widget for Desktop Widget Engine. Shows the load of your system CPU in % of all the available free processors. Ideal for tucking away in a corner, or for the home user to check what their system is doing. It's so easy to use, just right-click (or the equivalent) on your desktop and the widget will appear, on the right side of your desktop. Move it to a more suitable location and leave it there. If you need to use other widgets, just right-click on the widget and drag it to where you wish. Please note that this widget is not supported on Windows 2000, Windows 98 or Windows Me. Another CPU Meter Publisher's Description: Another CPU Meter - a load meter widget for the Yahoo Desktop Widget Engine, ideal for the home user to check what their system is doing. It shows your system load, based on the percentage of all the available processors in your system. The widget is very simple and has no options, just drop it where you want it to appear and you are good to go. Installing on Windows 98, ME or 2000 is not a problem. It also works under Windows NT. When the widget is displayed, you can use your mouse to move around the screen. You can also close or minimize the widget by clicking on the widget icon in the taskbar. Other Features The widget can be tiled on the desktop. Tiling reduces its area, so it can be easily moved to a corner of the desktop. Another CPU Meter Download Another CPU Meter Free is available for immediate download from zaemil.com. Over 2,500,000 Free software downloads have been made to this page by our users. Software downloads presented on zaemil.com are distributed "as is" and are not hosted or uploaded by Zaemil. The software products are owned by their respective developers and are provided for download directly by the software publishers, and we do not hold any responsibility for their contents. Zaemil.com is not liable for the use or misuse of these software products. If you consider that your product has been posted on zaemil.com without your consent, please contact us and we will remove the software product from our website. Additionally you are very welcome to submit your own software products in exchange for credit. We encourage you to use these free software products for your own purposes within your own initiative and good will.Measure

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- Video card must support openGL version 1.5 or later, with at least 512MB video RAM - CPU must support the following instructions: MMX - DirectX 9.0c or later. Notes: - ODE is a massive game. A long time ago, I released an early build that only supported 30 levels. That build was less than 1/4 the size of this build. So many thousands of thanks to all those that help contribute. Without your help, ODE would not be


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