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aermod view crack AERMOD Models [1] Overview - Purpose and Product Information for the Release of "AERMOD (Aerosol Environmental Research Model) Version 5.0 This is the first major release of AERMOD Version 5.0. This release includes many new features, fixes, enhancements, and enhancements. Features new to this release include . aermod modeler test Model Development and Testing - Subsystems and Tools Aerodynamic Surface Calculation: "The Aerodynamic Surface (AS) subsystem computes the structure of the turbulent boundary layer over the surface. . The AS interface consists of the following: . The source code for the AS subsystem can be built with either FORTRAN or C. The library interface is built with FORTRAN. . An interface subroutine provides the interface to the AS module, including a capability to change the selection of turbulence model. . Computations consist of three stages (see Figure A2.1-1): . The first stage estimates turbulent velocities and their gradients. . The second stage estimates the area-weighted average wall concentration. . The third stage calculates the distribution of turbulent kinetic energy over the surface. . The turbulent behavior of the surface layer is examined in order to estimate the areas that may be suitable for film formation and the areas that may not be. . The AS interface subroutine is a typical FORTRAN subroutine that provides the interface between the AS module and the numerical procedures. . The interface subroutine is provided as a stand-alone code which can be used by the non-modeling user to compute the surface turbulence model." . An interface to a subroutine library permits numerical processing to be separated from the AS module. . " The interface subroutine controls the selection of turbulence model, temperature and pollutant source scenarios, and internal settings of the turbulence model. . Weather Input and Output: "The Weather Input module (WIM) provides a mechanism to input data from the specified external weather files. . The WIM reads the specified data from the various files and makes it available to the Aerodynamic Surface module. . The WIM may also generate its own data in response to changes in the model parameters and associated parameters, and provide the information to the AS module. . The Weather Output


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