R. Thaxter ; D. Linder [1 - 1000]

Cornell University, Plant Pathology Herbarium
Catalog #: Rel.Farlow.0206
Aecidium apocyni Cooke

USDA United States National Fungus Collections
Catalog #: BPI 876010
Farlow, W. G. s.n. 00 July 1912
Aecidium apocyni Schwein.
United States, Massachusetts, Falmouth

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Herbarium: Fungi
Catalog #: NCU-F-0000008
Farlow, William Gilson #s.n. 00 July 1912
Aecidium apocyni Cooke
United States, Massachusetts, Barnstable, Falmouth

University of Wisconsin-Madison Herbarium
Catalog #: WIS-F-0045386
W. G. Farlow #s.n. 00 July 1912
Puccinia smilacis Schwein.
United States, Massachusetts, Falmouth;