R. Thaxter ; D. Linder [1 - 1000]

Cornell University, Plant Pathology Herbarium
Catalog #: Rel.Farlow.0358
Poria vaillantii (DC.) Cooke

University of Wisconsin-Madison Herbarium
Catalog #: WIS-F-0033367
A. P. D. Piguet #s.n. 00 November 1914
Poria vaillanti (DC.) Cooke
United States, Massachusetts, Sharon;

University of Michigan Herbarium
Catalog #: 157256
A. P. D. Piquet #s. n. 00 November 1914
Poria vaillantii (DC.) Cooke
USA, Massachusetts, Sharon.

USDA United States National Fungus Collections
Catalog #: BPI 876157
Piguet, A. P. D. s.n. 00 November 1914
Poria vaillantii (DC.) Cooke
United States, Massachusetts, Sharon