Dataset: FH
Search Criteria: China; Hainan; excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Harvard University, Farlow Herbarium

Horikawaea redfearnii B. C. Tan & P. J. Lin
barcode-00213132P. L. Redfearn, Jr.   359181990-03-17
China, Hainan, Changjiang County, Valley rain forest in narrow ravine with granite boulders, Bawanglin Forest Preserve, 3 km east-southeast of forest station, 1000-1100 m. 19°15'N; 109°30'E., 19.25 109.5

Orchidantha insularis T. L. Wu
barcode-00057744F. C. How   727981935-06-10
China, Hainan, Po-ting, among rocks and roots in shaded forest, 1100 feet

Illicium ternstroemioides A. C. Smith
barcode-00039120S. K. Lau   54381935-02-01
China, Hainan, Chim Fung Mountain, near Fong Ngau Po Village, Kan-en District

Illicium oligandrum Merrill & Chun
barcode-00039117F. C. How   729011935-06-14
China, Hainan, Po-ting, alt. 2300 feet, 701m

Gnetum hainanense C. Y. Cheng
barcode-00022589W. T. Tsang & H. Fung   5541929-07-22
China, Hainan, Hung Mo Shan and vicinity: Taai Teung Pok Chit T'ang

Gnetum hainanense C. Y. Cheng
barcode-00022590F. A. McClure   200841932-05-04
China, Hainan, Lingshui, Chim Shan, Fan Maan Ts'uen and vicinity

Page 1, records 1-6 of 6

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