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Taxa: Auricularia auricula
Search Criteria: Pennsylvania; excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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iNaturalist Research Grade Observations

5451831Piggy Yarroll   2017-03-25
United States, Pennsylvania, 1550 Mayview Road Pittsburgh, PA 15241, 40.340318 -80.111354

Auricularia auricula-judae (Bull.) J. Schröt.
6105232cuihenggang   2017-03-18
United States, Pennsylvania, South Park, Pittsburgh, PA, 40.3053675 -79.9958723

University of California Berkeley, University Herbarium

Auricularia auricularis (Gray) G.W. Martin
UC1998820T. D. Bruns   TDB-38822012-07-21
USA, Pennsylvania, Bucks, Bowman's Hill Wildlife Preserve, 109m

University of Michigan Herbarium

Auricularia auricula-judae (Bull.) QuÃ?'©l.
123030J. B. Ellis   s. n.1880-10-00
USA, Pennsylvania, Bethlehem., 40.622813 -75.3696442

USDA United States National Fungus Collections

BPI 718583Ellis; Harkness   1880-10-00
United States, Pennsylvania, Bethlehem, 40.625932 -75.370458

BPI 919340Campbell, W. A.   s. n.1936-03-26
United States, Pennsylvania, Frankling, Mt. Alto

BPI 919343Overholts, L. O.   s. n.1935-06-22
United States, Pennsylvania, Huntingdon, Cornprobst Mills

BPI 919351Overholts, L. O.   s. n.1921-05-30
United States, Pennsylvania, Huntingdon, Charter Oak

BPI 923310White, W.L.   1931-12-25
United States, Pennsylvania, Armstrong, Olivet

BPI 923312Overholts, L.O.   1937-05-07
United States, Pennsylvania, Huntingdon, Benna. Furnace

Page 1, records 1-10 of 10

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