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Taxa: Rhodocybe
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Field Museum of Natural History

Rhodocybe nitellina (Fr.) Singer (Fr.) Singer
C0296005FR. O'Bertos   NAMA 2012-2832012-12-14
U.S.A., California, Santa Cruz, The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, 37.028727 -121.90188

Mushroom Observer

Rhodocybe hondensis (Murrill) T.J. Baroni
MUOB 34685Alan Rockefeller   MUOB 346852010-03-09
United States, California, Santa Cruz, Soquel Demonstration Forest, 37.09 -121.879

Rhodocybe hondensis (Murrill) T.J. Baroni
MUOB 225457Christian   MUOB 2254572015-12-14
United States, California, Santa Cruz, Aptos, Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, 37.0343 -121.881

New York Botanical Garden

Rhodocybe nitellina (Fr.) Singer
03028201R. E. Halling   61751989-01-19
United States of America, California, Santa Cruz Co., Big Basin Redwood State Park

University of California Berkeley, University Herbarium

Rhodocybe Maire
UC621702T. T. McCabe   s.n.1939-03-27
USA, California, Santa Cruz, Big Basin., 37.174012 -122.223841

University of California Santa Cruz Fungal Herbarium

Rhodocybe nuciolens (Murrill) Singer
UCSC-F-00884Christian Schwarz   CS42011-11-27
USA, California, Santa Cruz, Nisene Marks State Park, Santa Cruz Co, California, USA, 37.01704 -121.9058

Rhodocybe Maire
UCSC-F-00885Christian Schwarz   2013-01-25
USA, California, Santa Cruz, UCSC, Red Hill Rd, trailside in loose sandy soil, 37.002786 -122.061861

Rhodocybe Maire
UCSC-F-00888Christian Schwarz   CS32012-03-27
USA, California, Santa Cruz, White Road Ridge, Santa Cruz County, California, USA, 36.968636 -121.835748

Rhodocybe Maire
UCSC-F-00889Christian Schwarz   2014-04-07
USA, California, Santa Cruz, Mount Madonna Road, Santa Cruz Co, California, USA, 36.975876 -121.742133

University of Illinois, Illinois Natural History Survey Fungarium

Rhodocybe mundula (Lasch) Singer
ILLS00154844H.D. Thiers   42391979-02-06
United States, California, Santa Cruz, Highway 9 north of Boulder Creek, 37.127046 -122.121375

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