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Taxa: Bryoscyphus marchantiae (Calycina marchantiae, Helotium marchantiae, Hymenoscyphus marchantiae, Pachydisca marchantiae, Peziza marchantiae)
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Fungal Collections at the Botanische Staatssammlung München

Bryoscyphus marchantiae (Fr.) Spooner
M-0275599 / 739831 / 385146Hanff, B.   1988-06-15
Germany, Bayern, Breitengüßbach, GERMANY. Unteroberndorf., 49.9781 10.8983

Fungal Records Database of Britain and Ireland

British Mycological Society
796163   1899-01-01
United Kingdom, England, Site name unavailable, 53.99102 -1.92523

British Mycological Society
155164   1900-01-01
United Kingdom, England, 52.31383 1.73982

British Mycological Society
1005273   1988-10-16
United Kingdom, England, 52.10223 -1.49043

British Mycological Society
76684   1900-01-01
United Kingdom, Scotland, 55.56954 -5.09434

British Mycological Society
139274   1978-05-01
United Kingdom, England, 54.16959 -2.53761

British Mycological Society
777085   1979-05-12
United Kingdom, England, Site name unavailable, 54.34992 -2.38612

British Mycological Society
141335   1981-05-28
United Kingdom, England, 51.83179 -2.65444

British Mycological Society
320922   1989-11-02
United Kingdom, Scotland, Site name unavailable, 56.19755 -5.14476

British Mycological Society
236125   1982-03-28
United Kingdom, England, 51.19454 -3.50404

British Mycological Society
321436   1989-06-13
United Kingdom, Scotland, Site name unavailable, 56.13612 -3.69113

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

L.4314431Stokman FJ   Stokman, FJ s.n.1990-03-27
Netherlands, Flevoland, Lelystad; Hollandse Hout, kavel C 25 e., 52.554973 5.571509

New York Botanical Garden


Swedish Museum of Natural History

Bryoscyphus marchantiae (Berk.) Spooner
F150368Dr. R...   1899-05-00
Poland, Bei Carlowitz ... Breslau

Bryoscyphus marchantiae (Berk.) Spooner
F198754K. Hansen & I. Olariaga   2011-09-30
Sweden, Lule lappmark, Jokkmokk, Sweden. Lappland, Kuouka 66.555385,20.494736, 66 19

Bryoscyphus marchantiae (Berk.) Spooner
F198999J.C. Zamora & I. Olariaga   2011-08-17
Sweden, Härjedalen, Tännäs, Sweden, Härjedalen, Hamrafjället 62.572738,12.217815, 62 12

University of Oslo, Natural History Museum Fungarium

Bryoscyphus marchantiae (Berk.) Spooner
245669Thomas Læssøe, Anne Molia   AM-342c-20122012-10-14
Norway, Vestfold og Telemark, Porsgrunn, Porsgrunn: Ørvika, 59.0706 9.6914

Page 1, records 1-17 of 17

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