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Taxa: Clitocybe subcyathiformis
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New York Botanical Garden

01953931M. B. Knauz   s.n.1936-07-05
United States of America, Pennsylvania, Huntingdon Co., Near Alan Seeger region., 40.694189 -77.755125

01953927   s.n.1912-09-23
United States of America, Massachusetts, Middlesex Falls.

01953928   s.n.1912-09-23
United States of America, Massachusetts, Middlesex Falls, Mass.

01953929H. E. Bigelow   s.n.1968-10-27
United States of America, Massachusetts, Franklin Co., Baptist Hill, Conway., 42.171054 -72.367583

New York State Museum Mycology Collection

NYSf3007Peck, Charles H.   1907-10-15
United States, New York, Albany, Karner, Albany County, New York

NYSd6977Braendle, F. J.   
United States, District of Columbia

NYSd6978Peck, Charles H.   
United States, New York, Warren

San Francisco State University, Harry D. Thiers Herbarium

SFSU-F-019671M. T. Seidl   697b1985-11-19
USA, California, San Mateo, Upper Alambique Trail, Wunderlich Park., 37.397996 -122.27719

Université de Montréal, Cercle des Mycologues de Montréal Fungarium

CMMF014697Guérin, Gérard   16141994-07-23
Canada, Québec, Lac Émeraude, Saint-Ubalde, Québec., 46.820449 -72.234717

University of Michigan Herbarium

56641TENN   109611937-11-14
USA, Tennessee, Knox, New Hopewell

Page 1, records 1-10 of 10

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