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Taxa: Hygrocybe subminiata
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Bamfield Marine Science Centre

Carleigh Burns and Lacey-Jane Roberts   LRCB34 BMSC65332018-08-21
Canada, British Columbia, Alberni-Clayoquot, Ghost Forest, Bamfield, British Columbia, Canada, 48.825 -125.1483333, 50m

Duke University Herbarium Fungal Collection

Hygrocybe subminiata (Fr.) P. Kumm.
0009330Gregory Bonito   332004-09-18
United States, North Carolina, Randolph, Uwharrie National Forest, Birkhead Wilderness, 35.607685 -79.901907

Fungal Records Database of Britain and Ireland

British Mycological Society
478364   1959-10-13
United Kingdom, England, 53.90095 -1.7732

Harvard University, Farlow Herbarium

barcode-00570495R. Singer   F 194c1942-08-12
United States of America, Florida, Highlands County, [data not captured]

barcode-00570496R. Singer   F 27401943-07-14
United States of America, Florida, Alachua County, [data not captured]

iNaturalist Research Grade Observations

7018246John Plischke   2013-08-08
Canada, Qubec, Rimouski Canada, 48.43898 -68.53497

52588207whitelion100   2020-07-00
United States of America, Florida, Blackwater River State Park, Holt, FL, US, 30.7137966855 -86.8755367958

Mushroom Observer

MUOB 133265Benjamin Dion   MUOB 1332652012-10-05
United States, Florida, Fort Myers, Florida Gulf Coast University, 26.4711 -81.7627

MUOB 242640Steve   MUOB 2426402016-06-26
United States, Washington, Mason, Little Skookum, 47.1456 -123.0525

MUOB 244729Steve   MUOB 2447292016-07-18
United States, Washington, Mason, Little Skookum, 47.1456 -123.0525

San Francisco State University, Harry D. Thiers Herbarium

Hygrocybe subminiata (Fr.) P. Kumm.
SFSU-F-016120J. T. Lewis   032011-11-19
USA, California, Mendocino, Jackson State Demonstration Forest., 39.326538 -123.73746

University of British Columbia Herbarium

F27537Oluna Ceska   2010-10-00
Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver Island, Mesachie Lake, Forestry Station, 48.827 -124.142

University of Washington Herbarium

WTU-F-031808G. Laursen, RDS, MPZ   170742004-08-18
U.S.A., Alaska, South Central; Dowling Rd, ext Anchorage AK Site 1., 61.166389 -149.809167

Page 1, records 1-13 of 13

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