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Taxa: Agaricus moellerianus (Agaricus campestris var. floccipes, Psalliota campestris var. floccipes)
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Atlas of Living Australia specimen-based fungal data

MEL 2096524AMueller, F.   s.n.1858-04-22
Australia, Victoria, South Eastern Highlands, -38.25 146.25

Field Museum of Natural History

Agaricus moellerianus Bon Bon
C0335350FD. P. Lewis   NAMA 2010-0122010-08-10
U.S.A., Colorado, Clear Creek Picnic Area, US 40

Fungal Records Database of Britain and Ireland

British Mycological Society
102550   1900-01-01
United Kingdom, England, 51.8218 -0.33286

Meise Botanic Garden Herbarium

Agaricus moellerianus Bon
BR5020026294073Bohus G.   S.N.1977-10-02
Hungary, Töserdö, Bács-Kiskum

Mushroom Observer

MUOB 91575North American Mycological Association   MUOB 915752010-08-15
United States, Colorado, Winter Park, YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch, 39.8924 -105.7635

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

L.3964358Brand AM   Brand, AM 105711981-09-24
Netherlands, Limburg, 50.846071 5.91971

L.3964359Brand AM   Brand, AM 106161981-10-10
Netherlands, Zuid-Holland, 52.19148 4.400024

New Zealand Fungarium

PDD 68570A Mitchell   1990-00-00
New Zealand, -43.591443 172.561111

PDD 68571A Mitchell   1990-00-00
New Zealand, -41.280895 174.795037

San Francisco State University, Harry D. Thiers Herbarium

SFSU-F-020334G. D. Quillen   GQ-12010-11-00
USA, California, Los Angeles, Malibu, 34.025841 -118.804812

University of Gothenburg

GB-0172793Knutsson, Tommy   2014-2342014-10-01
Sweden, Öland, Gårdstorp

Page 1, records 1-11 of 11

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